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Top 10 Business Bites podcast episodes
Are you just getting started listening to the Business Bites podcast and are a little overwhelmed with where to start?   Or are you regular listener but want a quick refresher?   We hear you!  We have put together this quick list of the top 10 episodes from iTunes for you.   The quick list:...
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Lawyer, photographer and business consultant helps creatives initiate and implement strategic plans
Running a successful business means learning to strategize your actions and protect what you have. Join Rachel as she discusses this with Gresh Harkless, Jr from the I AM CEO podcast.   Key points to listen for: Rachel discusses 3 things you must do as a business:  Get your liability protection under control. Understand what...
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Society is litigious, and no matter how well-intended you are, no matter how good you are at what you do, we’re also human and we make mistakes, whether you intentionally do it or not, and so having contracts is actually just one piece of the layer’s protection that fitness, all entrepreneurs, but definitely fitness entrepreneurs...
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Top 3 ways to protect yourself when going into business
Setting up your own business takes a lot of time and hard work. Setting it up the right way to protect that hard work takes even more thought but doesn’t have to be hard.  Join Rachel as she talks to Amy Woods Butler from The Life Story Coach podcast about the things to consider when...
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As Seen: Marketing For Your Boring Business Podcast + Rachel Brenke - Podcast 57 Actual Boring Business: Lawyers
Fundamentally, you’re missing the ship if you’re not doing social media marketing. -Rachel Brenke   Rachel was invited to be a guest on the Marketing For Your Boring Business Podcast by All-In-One Social Media.  Desiree Martinez, a fellow military spouse, interviewed her about how she uses social media marketing for her law firm.   Key...
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As Seen: SweetLife Podcast + Rachel Brenke - Important Legal Steps to Protect Your Online Business and Creative Work
You never have an issue until you have an issue. -Rachel Brenke   A few weeks ago, Rachel sat down with April Beach from the SweetLife Podcast to talk about how to protect all the hard work you have put into your businesses.   Key points to listen to: Steps to protect your Intellectual Property...
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As Seen: Caroline Frenette Show + Rachel Brenke - Legal Pitfalls to Avoid in your Online Business
Online businesses are businesses.  If you’re putting yourself out there, and you’re attempting to make money, the threshold for liability is not that you’re profiting a certain amount, it’s that you’re putting yourself out there.  -Rachel Brenke   Caroline Frenette asked Rachel to come on her show and talk about how to avoid legal pitfalls....
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As Seen: Jumble Think Podcast + Rachel Brenke - The Legal Entrepreneur
I find fulfillment in being able to help other people, particularly mothers, be able to craft the life for what they want. -Rachel Brenke   Recently, Rachel was a guest on the Jumble Think podcast with Michael Woodward.  During the interview, they talked about how to start a business and why knowing the legalities is...
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As Seen: The Simplifier's Podcast + Rachel Brenke - Simplifying Small Business Legal
Legal documents are going to be your frontline.  -Rachel Brenke   Mary Baird-Wilcock from The Simplifiers Podcast invited Rachel to come on her show and talk about the legal aspects of owning a small business.     Key points to listen for: What copyright infringement is and some examples that you may be doing yourself....
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As Seen: Studio 78 Podcast + Rachel Brenke - Tips from an Attorney that Started as an Entrepreneur
“I didn’t start doing all those things (referring to everything she has her hands in) at once.  I started with one brand and developed that until it was to a very self-sustaining position and then I started another.” Rachel sits down with Nache’ Snow from the Studio 78 Podcast and discusses this and things to...
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