Rachel Brenke
Rachel Brenke to present at Military Influencer Conference - Orlando 2018
Rachel Brenke will be joined with other amazing speakers such as Mat Best from Black Rifle Coffee, Jim Koch from Sam Adams, and JJ Pinter from Team RWB  at Military Influencer Conference in Orlando, Florida September 23-25, 2018.  You can view the whole speaker roster here. Brenke will have 2 sessions. #1 Moving with the...
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Today, information is literally at our fingertips at the touch of a button. You can find all the closest custom coffee cup makers in a 15-mile radius, how to clean your whole house with baking soda, or even reviews for that new gadget you were eyeing. Some of this information is even true! Most business...
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Licensed Professions and the Digital World
Today, more and more of our lives are playing out online. You pay your bills online, you order groceries online, and you look up lots and lots of advice online. Many business that were once traditionally brick-and-mortar are now transitioning to the digital world bringing with them countless legal questions. If you own an online...
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The confusing world of copyright ownership
You produced a product review video. You are the original author, so you own the copyright…right? What if the work was commissioned? What if several pieces included in your video (i.e., music, special effects) were licensed by you for the video? Do you still hold the copyright? Does everyone have some rights? Let’s dive into...
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A question from one of our followers: Would I be infringing on copyright if I were to do free webinars (mini course style) on popular business books? I imagine providing chapter x chapter walkthroughs, infographics and study guides around the current books that I’m diggin– ALL FREE! I’m hoping to create a community around folks...
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Copyright infringement or work for hire?
A potential client reached out to you and asked if you could create a product video review. You shot and produced the video, delivered your work, received payment, and even provided a copy of the original video you shot for the client’s use at trade shows. You believed that all was well, but then you...
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