As Seen: The Thrive Society Podcast

Challenges come our way but victory is always ahead.

In today’s episode I had the privilege of diving deep in a conversation with Rachel Brenke. Rachel  is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, business strategist, and intellectual property attorney. Over 16years ago Rachel knew she wanted to help others, and her family. She took this passion and started multiple businesses including an apparel store to provide additional support for her family. 

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2007 she knew she no longer wanted to surrender to the hustle culture, she needed to take a different approach. She committed to figuring out how to support small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

In the midst of conquering her business endeavors Rachel was also given the unique opportunity in 2019 ,NBC Sports & Ironman Triathlon put on display her “Real Biz, Real Life” mission statement. NBC Sports followed her journey from invitation to competition day and balancing family/biz during training and racing.
In this episode we get to hear Rachel’s incredible story and dive into other topics like she-cession, burnout and how to keep going amidst the wild ride of entrepreneurship. 

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