Society is litigious, and no matter how well-intended you are, no matter how good you are at what you do, we’re also human and we make mistakes, whether you intentionally do it or not, and so having contracts is actually just one piece of the layer’s protection that fitness, all entrepreneurs, but definitely fitness entrepreneurs need to have in order to insulate yourself and keep yourself protected. -Rachel Brenke


Recently, Rachel sat down with Jessica Freeman from Jess Creatives to talk about how to legally protect your health and fitness business.  As a lot of you know, there is a special place in Rachel’s heart for that industry.

To hear this interview, click here:  Jess Creatives.


Key points to listen for:

  • Why contracts are especially important in the health and fitness field
  • What the 3 major levels of protection you need to have are
  • How contracts can help eliminate potential issues including miscommunication
  • What mistakes fitness professionals should avoid in their contracts and what to include
  • Why a lawyer needs to review your legal documents


For more information about Rachel’s involvement in the health and fitness industry, check out FitLegally!



As Seen: Jess Creatives + Rachel Brenke - Legally Protecting Your Health and Fitness Business

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