Have you ever thought about creating your own podcast?  Recently, Jason Hartman from Authority Magazine interviewed Rachel about her own success as a podcaster. For those of you who didn’t realize Rachel has a podcast, too, here’s a link:  The Business Bites Podcast®.

In this interview, Rachel was asked things such as:

  • mistakes she has made and the lessons learned from them
  • advice on consistency and being disciplined
  • where her inspiration for show topics comes from
  • how to book great guests
  • the equipment needed to get started

Read all of Rachel’s answers to these questions and more in “Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know to Create a Very Successful Podcast”.



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Hi, I’m Rachel Brenke

Rachel Brenke

As a mom, team USA athlete and cancer-survivor, I want a real life while I have a real business.  This is why my resources don’t promote hustle-culture, rather tough-love and no-holds-barred tips to achieving both.  In addition to this website, I have a top-ranked business podcast, been featured in places like Forbes and work 1:1 with so many of you.

Enough about me though. I am proud of you for pursuing entrepreneurship. It is rewarding and amazing.  Keep at it!

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