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Are your readers safe when they visit your blog?

There are a few things that are of paramount importance when you are creating and maintaining your blog. They are the content you provide, the relationship you have with your followers and readers, and the knowledge that your readers are completely safe when they read your blog.

Your readers are a valuable resource, yet also human beings who deserve to be appreciated. Cybercriminals out there see them the same way, except that they hold no interest in their humanity, only in their profitable data. Your readers trust in you whenever they read your blog or subscribe to it. It is time you checked in on whether you are keeping your side of the bargain.

Here is what you should know:

Stewardship Over Data

If you have a successful blog, then there is a good chance that you are keeping a good deal of data on your readership. You might even have a subscriber list or some email correspondence with fans. This data should be treated as confidential. You have stewardship over it, but it is not yours to share with others. If something were to happen to your computer or the data, then your blog will be affected by its close link to your main device. If the data got out, then it would be your reputation on the line.

This means that your own security habits must be top notch so that you don’t make yourself an easy target. You should create a backup of all your data and store it away on a physical medium of some sort. Some would suggest cloud storage, but, in my opinion, cloud storage is far too unreliable for such sensitive information. You also need to be setting the strongest passwords you can create on any related accounts, and follow the best practices for internet security. Only then will you sleep soundly at night when you think about your blog.

Virtual Private Networks

Unfortunately, malware and attacks on your website are not the only things to worry about. You also need to worry about the dangers posed on risky public networks by hackers who like to intercept data from network users. This data can include personal data, financial data, and account information for your blogs. Even direct data about your readers is at risk.

This is obviously a major problem. Your best defense against it is to use a Virtual Private Network, which is a service that allows you to connect to an offsite secure server. This is done by an encrypted connection that will act as a tunnel for your data to safely travel through so that no matter what network you are using, your data will be safe. In addition to this, the VPN will mask your IP address, giving you the privacy every blogger will need at some point in their life and your readers the privacy they deserve.

You also need to know that there are a ton of different competing products out there, and not all are as they advertise. It would be wise of you to browse some of the following reviews so that you can make an informed decision:


It is hard to believe, but the comments section of your blog is a location that hackers can use to launch an attack on you or your other readers. If not in nastiness and vitriol, then in code that is added to the comment itself, later activated to cause various problems for your site.

It is vital that you create a good community that is well moderated on your blog. Your comments section and community response is the key to your long term success as a blog owner, and your reputation will improve wildly should you have a vibrant community. You have everything to lose by ignoring it and everything to gain by fostering it.

Add-ons and Plugins

Before you start installing plugins on your blog, there are several things you need to consider. Many of them are actually malware in disguise, and if they don’t act like malware at first, then they are waiting for instructions or exploiting from a hacker who knows the ins and outs of the piece of malware. For this reason, it is best to use only apps and plugins that are well-reviewed and popular, so you can use the experience of others before you to guide you.

When it comes to plugins, however, only you know what might exactly be best for your blog. This is just a reminder to be cautious, and that security should take precedence over productivity or convenience.

If you are taking all the right steps, you can feel confident that your blog is safe. Just remember who you are keeping it safe for, and give the protection you owe to those who make your blog continue onward and grow. Thank you for reading, and may your blog have continued success.

From the author:

Bloglegally is a wonderful resource for bloggers like myself who are trying to learn a thing or two about the nuances of blogging in a changing world and remaining successful while doing so. Articles such as this one about protecting client information help me grow as a blogger, and I’m glad to count my work in its company.

Are your readers safe when they visit your blog?

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