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Young mom gets cancer at 20. Mom does not want to work life away for someone else. Starts apparel business. Mom has more kids. Mom buys into hustle culture to succeed.

Realizes she doesn’t need to hustle harder, just smarter.

Develops multiple niche businesses to financially support her business while she’s raising five kids and competing with Team USA.

She gets featured in Forbes, Money Mag, and more. Authors seven books and becomes a top podcaster and keynote speaker. She continues to bring in 7-figures through virtual and flexible businesses.

Loves tacos..lots of tacos.

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How I went from earning $300 a month to multi-7 figure income streams

Before I authored 7 books and hosted a top-ranked business podcast.

Before I had my best months ever during a pandemic and could manage virtual learning from home.

I was like you…

Burning the candle at both ends.

Always the “yes woman” to opportunities.

Frustrated and scared at month’s end.

Wondering if I could actually be successful in business and life.

Cancer, waiting tables, and throwing away a corporate career

I didn’t grow up in an entrepreneurial family.

In fact, I didn’t even know what owning a business meant.

I just knew I wasn’t made for a cubicle farm or a 9-to-5.

Even my family and friends were skeptical about being my own boss.

Lack of stability, threat of financial ruin, and a waste of time.

For a little bit I worked corporate jobs, including an esteemed position at the United States Attorney General’s office.

But the reality was this. I was climbing the “success” ladder but I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t accomplishing my goals, my dreams, or even getting to see my family.

I felt this immensely when I got the call I had cancer. I sat on the floor and just stared at my toddler.  I vowed then, if I went into remission, I’d quit screwing around and get the real biz + life I wanted.

I. was. done.


I nixed it all and started an online business…

But my family needed the money and $300 a month from my online shop while I still had business costs wasn’t helping us.

I put the iron to the sharpener. I stayed home during the day with our son and worked on business during nap-time. I went to wait tables at a local steakhouse at night. 

My tips barely helped support our family and being away in the evenings wasn’t the real life I wanted.

Taking this leap forced me to quickly grow my apparel store to multiple-brands, consistently cranking out 7-figures, international speaking opportunities, and providing employment for over 12 individuals.

And I did it while still getting to be a mom, compete on Team USA, and live a real life.

I’m tired of seeing so many online coaches and mentors who preach success, but ignore the fact that in order to be successful, you have to hustle.

This culture is toxic. And it needs to stop. That’s where I come in.

I realized I wanted a REAL LIFE, plus a real business.

I knew you could have both without giving up the other.   I had gone head-first into entrepreneurship without a plan or help. At this time, we didn’t have the plethora of freemium information like what is available now.  So, I learned it all on my own.

And this was the best way to do it.

Instead of replicating what may work for one but not me, I struggled, failed, succeeded, and cried.

I learned:

-self-improvement is a necessity to growth in life and business

-business strategy and legalities are important to protecting the business I’ve built

-individual and family care is the foundation for me to thrive as an entrepreneur

-accountability and community will springboard real business to levels one person is unable

In case we haven’t met…

I am a taco-loving, dog-rescuing, coffee-drinking entrepreneur from the East Coast.  I have spent over 15 years helping entrepreneurs legally protect, market effectively, and strategically implement their businesses.

Don’t mistake me for any other lawyer or business consultant. I bring legal and business strategy advice from the perspective of being a multi-biz owner and passionate entrepreneur herself.

With my no-holds-barred approach, what you see is what you get.

This comes out of being a cancer survivor, mother of five, and military spouse.  I don’t shy away from tough situations, and entrepreneurship is no different.

When I’m not helping entrepreneurs, I am hanging with my family, 3 puppy dogs or running Ironman triathlons.

My entrepreneurial results

I’ve built multiple businesses crossing over the coveted six-figure threshold. Not only have these successful and flexible businesses provided financial freedom for my family, but they have provided many great opportunities including Forbes feature, NBC Sports featured athlete at Ironman World Championships and (most important) helping others have their own piece of the entrepreneurial pie. View more here.

Are you ready to get out of the overwhelming frustration and into a REAL BUSINESS plus a real life?

We are going to throw away the hustle-culture.

The idea of paying your dues at the expense of self. 

Blind acceptance that “now is just not a good time” because of X.

Because I know it can be done.

I’ve done it.

And I know you want it.


You probably want to do one or more of the following:

  • ditch your 9-to-5 or cubicle farm
  • provide sole or supplemental financial support for your family
  • exist in pictures and memories with your children (not on the other side of a computer screen)


This is why you’ve:

  • chosen to be here on this page – bravo!
  • been inspired by stories and yearn for your own entrepreneurship journey
  • decided you want more. A real business that gives a real life.
  • reached out to get help from someone who has done it – repeatedly.

I am so incredibly proud of you.

Raise your hand if you want the step-by-step actions to having a real life and a real business.

No more of this hustle-culture.

No more just about metrics and automation.

Real business requires:

  • education in entrepreneurship
  • self-improvement and growth
  • personalized care, physical and mental
  • tried-true steps to succeeding in life


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