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4 Gmail hacks that you need to know

Gmail is amazing for all of the integrations and capabilities, but sometimes you just need to hack it a little bit more to get some extras features.

Here are some Gmail hacks that will keep you professional, efficient and even legal!

#1. Send Email at a Specified Time

Want to stick to your office hours in your clients eyes but need to get work done at weird hours? Simply use Boomerang for Gmail and have all emails queued up to send at the time you choose!

#2. Recall an Email

We’ve all done it – wrote a quick and heated email and almost instantly regreted it.  If you send an email like this and need to get it back, simply go into the right-hand corner > Labs > Undo Send > select Enable > Save Changes.

Then go to General > Undo Send > and set a time limit for your cancellation time period > Save.

#3. Read Receipts

Be able to see when someone reads your email AND get a notification for it on your desktop. Using Streak is amazing to let you know when a client has read your message.  It also notifies of the time, location and type of device for extra metrics.

This can be used especially if you’re having issues with a client who claims to never receive your communications – you now have a time stamp! This information can be great to satisfy client complaints and if there are any potential legal issues that arise.

#4. Follow-Up Reminders

Using Follow Up integrated with Gmail triggers reminders to encourage follow-up contact when a recipient has opened an email.

Using these Gmail hacks can make your email life more efficient and successful!

4 Gmail hacks that you need to know

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