Keys to Up-Leveling Your Biz in 2022

Episode 180 on the Real Biz Talk Podcast

Whew! We are just into the new year and…’s been a doozy for many…not unlike the last few years. 

The thing is, every day we are not working ON our business (versus in) is a day we’re losing out on advancement. Lost opportunities. Lost connection. Lost brand value built. 

However, I get it friend – the start of a new year can be exciting and intimidating – but I am here to help you. 

 I did a LIVE yesterday to share four major tips that I wish I had implemented early on in my entrepreneurship and I want to be sure you get to catch it!

If you are thinking of bypassing this post and not carving out some time to watch, I want you to picture the movie Jerry Maguire when he’s on the phone shouting “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” but instead I want you to shout SHOW ME THE XXXX. It can be money, more time, more clients, more life. Whatever you are craving for yourself right now.

Overcoming these hurdles and implementing new practices can be daunting especially when you’ve been cobbling together a course here, a podcast there. This is why I’m getting very strategic on the lessons I’m bringing to you in the future. They build on each other and have action items that WILL improve the trajectory of your business if you do the WORK.

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