July 2, 2018
Running an affiliate program legally and efficiently
Having others to promote your products and services is one of the easiest and most effective ways to grow your business.  Thanks to the Internet, influencers and trusted brands in industries have voices that far surpass the most extensive marketing budgets typically including line items for advertisements and customer satisfaction programs. Affiliate marketing takes these...
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Protecting your online intellectual property
You’ve probably noticed a little copyright symbol – © – at the bottom of most blogs that you read. Maybe you have one on your blog too. But have you thought about what that little symbol means, or what it actually does? Let’s talk about copyrighting your online work, what that means, and how to...
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Protecting your business in layers
Your business is rocking and rolling with money coming in. Or else you plan for money to be coming in – so you’re acting like you’re in business. But you get this creeping feeling that something might happen and you will awake from this entrepreneurial dream. You don’t want to lose this. You’ve worked too...
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